The Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic with the support of the European Commission has created a tool for the support of the public administration reform – Operational Programme Effective Public Administration (OP EPA).

The main aim of the OP EPA is a client oriented and transparent public administration, providing its services swiftly, effectively and in good quality, in the interest of supporting sustainable growth, job creation and social inclusion.
Implementation of the OP EPA will contribute to the national strategic objective, which is a modern, professional, effective, reliable, non-corrupt and transparent public administration in the Slovak Republic in 2020.
The goal of the OP EPA is to create conditions for the provision of quality and accessible public services in an efficient manner at every stage of life, respectively business for their beneficiaries through the thematic objective No. 11 “Enhancing institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders and ensure the effectiveness of public administration”, which will contribute to the fulfillment of the priorities of the Europe 2020 Strategy (smart, sustainable and inclusive growth).

The programme strategy of the OP EPA is defined so as to promote the fulfillment of the Europe 2020 priorities and contribute to the objectives of the National Reform Programme of the Slovak Republic, as well as requirements arising from EU legislation in the relevant areas and to reflect the needs and challenges at national, respectively, regional and local level, to ensure the preconditions for sustainable and inclusive growth through a comprehensive reform of public administration in the Slovak Republic.

The OP EPA will cover the entire territory of the Slovak Republic and its main target groups are government bodies and local self-government, social partners, business sector, civil society organizations, NGOs and other stakeholders and partners.